I want to write a book about the road


road during golden hour
road during golden hour

I want to write a book about the road.

First: hi.

How are you?

I was saying that I want to write a book about the road. I read On The Road a long time ago, but the sound of the stone hitting the bottom of the well still echoes.

That's what happens when I read a great book: I feel as if a stone had hit the bottom of a well and then the noise that comes afterwards lingers as if to remind me of the echo that great books have.

On The Road, you know? Jack Kerouac's masterpiece. The story of a guy searching for meaning in life who hits the road. A book about the United States. About sex and drugs. About hitchhiking, a lot of hitchhiking. And about friendships too.

But I don't want to write On the Road. It's already been written, naturally.

I have an idea for the book I want to write. Actually, as always, I have much more than just an idea.

It needs to be a Brazilian book, to start with. Beyond the fact of being written by a Brazilian, of course. A Brazilian book in this sense: in its pages, people see Brazil.

But there are many Brazils. Isn't that so? Many.

Which makes sense, if we're talking about a book about roads. I mean: roads are those things that connect places that are not the same place, but rather, different places. Got it?

So, the Brazils, all of them, connected by long carpets of asphalt (and sometimes, red dirt), are fitting as a backdrop for the journey of an anti-hero.

He, who even at the end of the journey will not have known any Brazil, because it is only by staying that one gets to know things, but a traveler is always someone who can no longer stay.

I want to write a book about the road. But it won't be tomorrow.

What else? I honestly hope that ChatGPT made a competent translation of the text you just read. Goodbye.